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There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle is really really fun. But if you have an awesome and scenic destinations to look forward to, it doesn’t get any better.

From highways to mountains, India has it all and we’ve handpicked some riding destinations from all over the country for you. Start ticking them out one by one and we’ll have more coming up before you’re done with all of them.

1. Khardung La

Khardung La
If you don’t know about this already, what are you doing with that bike of yours? Even RedBull managed to take their F1 car all the way up to Khardung La a few years back. The roads should be open by April end onwards and now is the time to start planning and making your Great Himalayan Road Trip a reality.

2. Jaisalmer


If there is one place in India known for its phenomenal hospitality, it has to be Rajasthan. Jaisalmer, situated in Rajasthan offers the most immersive experience of living in a sea of sand; the Thar Desert. Add to it the amazing roads and endless landscapes, a trip to this destination with leave you mesmerised. Great food, out-of-the-world hospitality and riding on the sand dunes should not be missed here.

3. Munnar

There is nothing more amazing than riding in God’s own country. If you plan it right, hitting these hairpin curves in sync with the monsoon will make getting wet in the rain all worth it. Lush green mountains, misty roads and some super delicious south Indian cuisine is what you should look out for at this destination.

4. Goa


Without any doubt, this is one destination for every biker to go to at least once in his lifetime. With major biker events like India Bike Week and Rider Mania happening in Goa, there’s a lot more to Goa than that. Enter Goa from any direction and you will be welcomed by the landscapes of the Western Ghats coupled with some great curves to ride onto. Bikes, Beaches and Cheap Booze; it doesn’t get any better than this.

5. Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh

The only one on our list that is a State and not a city. Its because the entire state is road-trip-worthy and its a new view after every corner you take. Beautiful serene valleys and the unique culture and hospitality of this region is worth visiting for. P.S. Don’t forget to try out the unique “Rice Beer” brewed locally.

6. Rann of Kutch


If you ever wish to get a glimpse of how small you are compared to the vastness of this country, you have to visit this place. Endless plains of nothingness and just you and your bike riding around for hours will give you all the calmness you need. Don’t forget to stop and pitch your tent in the middle of nowhere and enjoy a great sunset / sunrise.

7. Dhanushkodi


Not many would have heard about this destination but if you are fond of riding on the beach, this is the place to do it. The beaches stretch several kms in length and you can actually walk all the way into the waters for quite some distance. A Dhanushkodi sunrise is not to be missed here.

8. Pondicherry

This quaint little French town has a lot to offer for the pop culture seeker but it is the East Coast Road from Chennai which takes the sweet spot. Considered as the go to destination for Chennai-ites, the ECR is surely worth the ride if you are looking for some solace from the city life.

So where are you headed ?

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