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We’ve heard that people are awesome and they do awesome things. But sometimes, they take it too far. Here are 10 retard things you should NOT be doing on your motorcycle. Ever.

1. Reading a newspaper sitting sideways on an Enfield while showing off your zig-zag riding skills !
2. Jump off a moving bike and still try to look cool.

3. Ride a wave with your dirt bike; unless you are Robbie Maddison yourself!

4. Try popping a wheelie when you have no idea where to start.

5. Take all your friends for a ride at the same time.

6. Do a bench press while wheelie-ing on a sports bike on city roads!
7. Let your dog ride if you’re too tired.

8. Live performing your favourite metal tracks while riding!
9. Tarmac skate in your casual wear on your bike with all your buddies watching.

All in all, please please be safe while you ride and never ever compromise your safety or the safety of others while riding your motorcycle. Trust me, you do not want to be featured in a post like this. Always ride safe and wear a helmet.

Meanwhile, this one goes out to all you riders out there –

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