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Just when you started pondering as to what is Royal Enfield up to these days, this video clearly shows where they’ve put all of their time, money and passion.

We came across this video on a popular facebook fan page and it just blew our mind. As rightly said in the video, “Everyone is using robots nowadays but a Royal Enfield is built from a sheer sense of nourishing.”

royal enfield way

The video takes you through a quick journey of evolution of being  just a motorcycle manufacturer to the largest manufacturer of mid sized motorcycles in the world. It shows the collective efforts put in by the biggest names in the business to roll out a motorcycle that has survived 2 world wars.

We understand that in this age, it is almost impossible to grow alone. Growth, as many don’t understand shouldn’t be outward. Instead, it should be focused inward. For a brand like Royal Enfield, inward growth means to continue to live by and retain the core values of the brand from almost a century ago and be able to deliver them to the customers of today. And this is something they seem to be getting it right. Almost every time.

royal enfield way

You can find people who can talk days in a row about Royal Enfield and there are those who cannot stop cribbing about a bad experience they would have had with the product. But the bottom line is, while you were cribbing, someone out there was working his night shifts, day after day, week after week to take a step forward in the right direction. And this is the way to go.

As rightly quoted in the video, “This operation has never been about making a motorcycle any which way. This machine comes from a culture, from knowing it, from riding it, from all of it being deeply engraved through seven decades in one town. Thats the Royal Enfield difference. Thats the Royal Enfield way.” Check out the video!

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