We at BikerSocial are looking for talented college students who are passionate about two things: writing and motorcycle/adventure.

We want to offer these students active experience by publishing them on our website and helping them become better writers with feedback from our content team.

Becoming a contributor for BikerSocial is the perfect way to get published in a growing online publication, add value to your resume and improve your writing skills. By joining our team as a national contributor, you’ll also have access to our rich network of students across the country; all interested in travel as much as you are.

What you can get from the programme?

  • Travel opportunities: After spending six months actively contributing to the program, you will have opportunities to travel to destinations & events and write about your experience. Yes, just like a travel writer!
  • Improve your writing skills: Writing about new ideas and working on our feedback will help you become a better writer.
  • Get published: Your articles will be published on our social media channels and website. You’ll love the final product with your name! This will be a significant addition to your online portfolio. With the BikerSocial stamp of approval, you already have a head start on writing for a publication.
  • Network: You will have access to events and hangouts organised by BikerSocial along with other student journalists. Get to know new people, learn what they are interested in and perhaps find pathways to professional opportunities.
  • Incentives: From time to time, special incentives will be given to the best performing student. Something to look forward to and strive for.

Here’s how our contributor program works:

  • How many stories are due per month? You’ll work on at least 6 stories a month. Additional stories are always welcome!
  • Is it okay that I’ve never written for a publication before? There’s a first time for everything. We’ll guide you through the process.
  • What should I write about? We focus on stories of passionate riders, travellers and crazy riding destinations. Was there a trip that really changed your perspective? Do you know someone who hitchhiked in the Himalayas or had a crazy travel experience? Do you have tips for people who might be riding alone for the first time? We would love to have such stories! Basically, we’ll consider anything exciting related to adventure on 2 wheels.
  • Do I need my story ideas approved? Yep, before writing a story, you’ll email us at sjp@bikersocial.in and our content team will get back to you. We love original ideas and personal stories! Have a look at our website and social media to get a sense of the kind of stories we look for.
  • Where do I send the stories? You’ll email them to us, along with pictures. We’ll take a look, make edits, send you feedback and publish. You’ll share your article on social media and we’ll give you a very enthusiastic virtual high five.
  • Do I need photos? Oh yeah. All of our articles have awesome photography, so it’s a plus if you have a nice camera (and experience with photography) and can take your own photos. If you don’t have a camera, you can source them from the web, but make sure you link back to the source.
  • Anything else I should know? Contributors are responsible for promoting their stories to friends, family, classmates and the entire internet. Come up with creative ways to get your story out so others can appreciate it. We reward writers whose stories get the most engagement.

How do I get involved?

It’s pretty simple! All you need to do is fill out a short form by clicking here.

We’ll soon get in touch with you.